Thursday, 8 January 2015

To Facebook or Not To Facebook, That is the Question

08 January 2015

Anyone over on the side of the pond (US) will know that it was bone-chilling cold today. 5 degrees Fahrenheit out there but at least the sun was shining. Still I managed to get out to get some very fresh air and do a bunch of chores in anticipation of flying back to London on Sunday. Let the weather be calm across the Atlantic and my flight as calm as possible.

Now my brain is ticking in overtime getting ready to get serious about business from Monday onwards. I have been serious all through the holidays thinking about things but now we need to get it all into practice. Scary but also exciting.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Social Media for Professionals Services today. Everything from focusing on my own Facebook Business Page to Twitter for some law clients. Law is difficult for Social Media. I certainly think there are some great channels for law firms but just what possible business you can get out of it remains a big question.

Sticking with law as an example, twitter is a good platform for discussion with other law professionals. But I personally don’t think you will easily ever engage potential customers in conversations. Well I suppose this varies by the law discipline so if you want to get engagement for family or criminal law, I doubt many publicly would be interacting with you if they had an issue. They may follow a firm and what is being said so that could ultimately lead to an opportunity but it will be a direct message or email rather than a public conversation. Business, contract or conveyancing law is different and potential clients might publicly engage or ask a question.  

Facebook for Law Firms is a bit easier in terms of engagement. But I think that firms need to be broadcasting posts of public interest and not those that mostly the law world care about. It is a balance though I admit. Having the respect of other lawyers is still valuable. But there needs to be a soft-sell approach if the remit is to get new clients.  I think LinkedIn and blogging are vitally important for Law Firms. Will focus on those another time.

I mentioned getting my own Facebook Business page in order. I have not until now focused on my own Think Jeannie Facebook page as I thought it wasn’t a platform that would bring in business which is, in the end, why you do a business page. But if I am ‘in the industry’, then I need to do as I say. After working on this for a week, my opinion hasn’t changed. It won’t bring in business but it is a showcase and one I have to persevere with. And if even only to test out campaigns and theories, it will be worth it. But the main point to make is I am doing my own Facebook page.

I very much subscribe to the theory (as previously mentioned) that those within the business are best placed to make the most of Facebook. Happy to do it for any customer and maybe doing myself out of that work but there is nothing like taking control of your own messages. Oh I can hear many of you out there saying ‘but I just don’t have the time’. Fair enough and better to be doing something than nothing but take an interest and get involved. You’ll be amazed at what you learn.

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