Saturday, 3 January 2015

Still Here and Still Determined

02 January 2015

So now I am out there. Just sorted out my new blog site (which of course if you are here then you know). Decided to go with Blogspot after going through the possibilities. Blogspot is Google so thought why not try and leverage the power. Reminds me I must get to grips with Google+.

Now that I’ve set my resolutions I need to start getting my rear in gear. The UK Driver’s License I will sort  once I get back to the UK. Will maybe book a long weekend away in Wales or Cornwall where you can drive pretty much non-stop and then take your test. The blog resolution day 2 is happening as I type. Good girl – don’t give up yet.

On to business now. How to move forward. Well I started the process last year. First thing was selling my flat and putting the money aside for safe keeping to contemplate what I wanted to do. Then I found Kevin Whelan & Gill Alton who are my ‘money eyes & ears’. With experience in more than just pensions and the stock market, I hope to get the money working wisely in investments in property & business too. I have a meeting in the diary on the 15th of January with Kevin & Gill when the real work starts with that – very exciting.

I also have some interesting plans for Wilson Picks, my ‘vintage china’ business. After a year of working very hard selling our gorgeous wares, Lesley & I realised it just wasn’t a good enough business. We love it but it is hard to make money and the back-breaking work travelling from fair to fair is exhausting. But we aren’t giving up Wilson Picks – love our brand too much. We are going to spin it out in a number of ways.

Firstly, we’re going to take some cabinets in Antique shops including the fabulous The Swan in Tetsworth Oxfordshire to sell our stock. Then we’re going to investigate a new product to sell including developing something ourselves (got something in mind but won’t divulge just yet). Finally and most exciting is the launch of our new Antique Day Trips. That’s coming in April and hope to launch the website in the next 2 weeks (a few weeks later than hoped but still fairly quick). If you love Bargain Hunt, Cash in the Attic, Antique Road Show and all those fun television shows, then you’ll love these tours. We’ve got some of the best tv experts working with us on these trips (with much thanks to the fabulous Tom Keane). Been fun developing – now the hard part to get the word out there.

Still I have lovely customers for my marketing consultancy and look forward to doing more with them this year. I want to be clear about what I offer any new Marketing clients so that it works for both of us. I know my experience is valuable but providing the best for my clients and enjoying what I do is key.  That is definitely a big work in progress.

So I guess I am off to a pretty good start with much potential (some I haven’t even gone into). Much work to do and still much to think about. But I think it is fair to say I’m on my way.

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