Thursday, 15 January 2015

Starting Over Again – I Can Try

15 January 2015

I’m getting back on to the original topic of this blog which is to chronicle my year of change ahead. Big clue is in the title ’56 years to change’ (yes I’m admitting my age – brave no?) Can’t avoid getting older but do I have to act that way?

Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what really makes you happy. In my case, it has taken a very long while. Life over the last years has gotten in the way of clear thinking about me – things such as family illnesses, some very bad business decisions and perhaps just going down a wrong path which at the time seemed to make sense. Over the holidays with lots of time to think, it suddenly dawned on me what I didn’t want to do and then with a bit more time started to figure out what I did want to do.

Change for lots of people can be a very scary thing.  But change when you’re older adds an extra layer of fear. The reality of changing your work or business at my age is the odds are stacked against me.  It is a young world out there and keeping up with all the latest trends, digital channels and, frankly, the time-commitment makes it a tough task. If you take the example of a job opening, say Manager of a Retail Shop, and there was one 30 year old with 5 years’ experience and one 55 year old with 30 years’ experience, I would bet good money the 30 year old would get it 90% of the time. Even taking into account all that experience and the potentially better work ethic and loyal attitude on the side of the older candidate, the younger-aged person wins it more times than not.

So I’m going to try my best to buck the standard on this one. Had a great meeting today to discuss moving forward with a number of new ventures and ideas. From my new Antiques Days Trips and new product line for Wilson Picks to getting into property and joint ventures with new business partners, I feel truly optimistic. There will be ups and downs and some of life’s issues haven’t gone away but I really feel like I can make the change and make a difference in 2015, my 57th year.

One last thought. It was pointed out to me today that I use the expression ‘no spring chicken’ a lot. I apparently said it today and wasn’t even conscious of it. So one more resolution to add to the pile. Stop saying that Jeannie!

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