Wednesday, 14 June 2017

My Voicemail isn’t Working – Fabulous!

For the last six weeks, my voicemail hasn’t been working on my mobile. For a sole trader, you would think that would be a disaster. Well, I must tell you I am very happy about it.

Can it be fixed? Yes, easily with one phone call to O2. So why haven’t I spent the 15 minutes doing just that? It’s because I am relishing the tranquillity and discipline.

We have generally become too reliant on our mobiles and speedy communication. A bold statement I realise from a pretty switched-on business person but I realise for me it is all too disruptive. For instance, it is far too easy for someone to quickly leave a voicemail and think they can tick one more piece of communication off their list. All they’ve done is create extra work for me.

A lot of the time I can’t understand much of the voicemail message. There is either noise on the line or around me, the caller has spoken too quickly or rambled or sometimes the message just gets cuts off. It is so frustrating and normally means I then must phone the caller back to figure out the reason for the call and that results in a detailed conversation there and then when it isn’t necessarily the most convenient time. I also sometimes forget to call back if I can’t do it immediately which then results in another phone contact.

Often you will find there was no urgency for the call. Indeed, they can be unwanted sales calls. In my opinion, I believe an email is still the best way to communicate for business. It allows me to clearly understand the reason for the contact and provide a timely, thoughtful response.

I can hear many of your shouting that just shifts the burden to a very full inbox. I get it and, yes, I can easily get frustrated by too many emails too. It isn’t necessary to send a ‘thank you’ after you think you've completed an email communication. Overall though, I am a disciplined person when it comes to my emails and I can prioritise my responses. And I hope it ultimately provides the same to those who have sent them.

I should admit I just made the call to O2 to fix the problem. Seems it is a bit of a complicated issue and will require an engineer but I have been assured that it will be sorted within 5 days. This doesn’t mean I’ve gone back on my desire for a more peaceful voicemail-life. Even fixed, I still have control as to when to turn the message system on or not and believe I will be managing just that! If you want to get my best attention, send me an email please as the first point of contact. I thank you.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Engine is On and Back Up and Running

Right I am stepping into action again - at least that is my intention. I have not blogged for too long a time now and need to restart and keep it going. I have a load of excuses and some of them are almost acceptable but I need to do as I preach to others. Blogs shouldn't be onerous or painful. They shouldn't take long to write if it is a subject you know well or are passionate about. Goodness knows I have a lot I am passionate about.

I am slightly changing the focus of my blogging now - only a bit. I've learned a lot over the years, actually still learning, and want to write down these tidbits and pass on including what I am up to currently. There will be varying topics so the flow may not be as fluid as it could be but all these topics will be things I am personally interested in.

With that change comes a blog title update. One of my favourite expressions apparently (although I never realised I was saying it as often as I do until someone pointed it out) is that I am no 'Spring Chicken'. I think people take me wrong when I say that but I am actually being self-deprecating rather than feeling sorry for myself. I also mean I've 'been there, done that' and definitely have lots of t-shirts. So you are now reading my blog 'No Spring Chicken Pearls of Wisdom' and I hope to be providing what it says on the tin. Of course, I do have the perogative of changing this title again if so inspired - it's my party. 

I should think the topics will vary including Social Media tips and tricks (and annoyances), my life in London and my lovely area of Chiswick, the current state of the world and the nightmare currently going on in my beloved USA and my newest venture into the scary but exhilarating world of property investing.  Please feel free to join into the conversation if anything I've said inspires you to feedback or add your own experiences. No placing bets though on whether I can keep this up. Surely once a week is easily achievable - yes?