Sunday, 4 January 2015

May Not Look Like It But I Am Thinking About Business

04 January 2015

I had a really nice day today. My niece and her husband came over for a visit with my great niece and great nephew. We had a lovely time and the kids are gorgeous (okay slightly prejudice but I do think so). They make the house so lively with their laughter and fun. My mom is still buzzing from their visit.

So you ask what does that have to do with my goals and future business prospects? Well specifically not a lot but good laughter and having your nearest and dearest around making you feel good and that means you are relaxed and enjoying life. And that is so important for the work-life balance.

I ran the Antique Day Trip idea past my niece and her husband and they thought it sounded really interesting. So far the reaction about these trips has been extremely positive. I really do think this has a lot of legs and the reality is, it will all be down to the marketing and spreading the word to enable the success. Well what I mean is it has all the signs of being something people really will want to do – it is just a matter of letting people know it exists.

That marketing challenge scares me and it will show whether all my years of experience will pay off for my own venture. But I need that sort of challenge. I need to be able to use Social Media, SEO, networking and PR cost-effectively and efficiently. I’m just waiting for the first draft of the website (hope any day) and also need to get the booking process set-up. My goal is to launch by the 15th of January latest but sooner if at all possible. Where there is a will…

This week is the first full week of work for the New Year. I would think most will be back at their desks at some point this week. I have one more week in New York helping out with things for my recovering mom but I am working as much as I can being 5 hours behind (getting up at 5am doesn’t phase me). I suspect a number of clients will be in touch this week raring to go with marketing projects. I look forward to that. The more, the better for me. I thrive on being busy. It is when I am too idle or unchallenged that I think too deeply in the wrong direction. Must stay focused.
So business 2015 starts now. I so want a good year!

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