Saturday, 3 January 2015

It’s Horrid out There

03 January 2015

First Saturday of the New Year and the weather is completely yuck. A good day to catch up on chores. Got a week left in New York for this visit so much to do for my mom before I leave (doctors, nurses, PT, OT, ST, bank, taxes etc.). I also have things to get in order for me before I go home.

Not much on the business front done today – my mind was elsewhere (as per above). I have full confidence things will start to fall into place but most progress will start once I get back to the UK on the 12th.

Weekends I’ve discovered are a busy time on Social Media platforms like Twitter. I used to think it wasn’t the case and you just needed to tweet a few times to maintain a presence. Now I think the opposite and it is the right time to be visible. Perhaps it is because people have more time to think without the noise of the office. You would think most people would want to turn off their mobiles and pay attention to their family & friends. But just watch what happens when people go out to eat – on many tables you’ll see people’s mobiles right next to their cutlery. Sad reflection of our time but from a marketing perspective, one not to be ignored.

I posted something for a law client earlier (did you know January is ‘divorce month’ with the highest number seeking help in January?). This got quite a high response interestingly. Makes me realise I've got to factor in more Twitter & Facebook time for clients (and me) on the weekends.

Now I sign off and will spend some quality time with mom tonight. Really looking forward to seeing my niece and her husband and my great niece & nephew tomorrow. That makes me (and my mom) very happy.  Work-life balance on the agenda.  For the evening & tomorrow morning, life takes priority.

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